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ANDREW’S healthy foods

Andrew’s Healthy Food has been committed to using Gluten-Free, Vegan, Non-GMO and Organic ingredients to produce some of the healthiest and tastiest selection of International gourmet cuisines.

Andrew’s started in 2009 August 20th by Master Chef Vasantha Perera.  Chef Perera has extensive culinary education and management experience held around the globe:

  • Hotel, Motel and Food & Beverage Managment In Colombo Sri Lanka, 
  • Bachelor of Science Hospitality & Restaurant Managment  from ICHA in Brig Switzerland
  • Masters of Science in Food & Beverage and Hospitality  Atlanta, GA, USA.
  • Masters in Food & Beverage US Standards from Cornell University in NY NY

His experience ranges from different venues such as Cruise Ships, Hotels & Resorts all around the world.  He held many operational Managerial positions with various global hospitality companies in  addition to culinary arts.  Mr. Perera has been appointed as the Personal Chef to dignitaries and diplomats representatives such as President Bill Clinton, President Vladimir Putin and other various celebrities around the world. Now he is introduce his own empire  run as a Andrew’s Project- Andrew’s healthy food is a multi level Food & Beverage Operation.


Chef Perera has been the recipient of several awards including the prestigious award of “America’s Best Restaurant 2020.”


INTRODUCING  “HEALTHY EATING BOOK”  Receive your copy now!

Our Global experience Master Chef Vasantha Perera introduced his healthy lifestyle menu to the public at Andrews Healthy Eating. This menu was constructed from a healthy eating plan from the 2010 dietary health guidelines for Americans and is based on his principles for eating healthy as a lifestyle. He welcomes everyone who’s looking to make a change in lifestyle or looking for healthy delicious food. We are proud to announce Andrew’s Healthy eating book.  “Eat Healthy | Live Healthy” will be coming out to the public soon. This book is particularly about healthy food consumptions in your day to day living lifestyle. Using Organic, Gluten Free, Vegan, And Non-Vegan food. Right, fit to your needs. What will be the difference if you use and follow these food preparations? What benefits you gain. It’s All in the BOOK.

Make your choice to see the benefit of using healthy cooking. Start today and goodbye to the doctor. It’s time to change your eating habits, our Master Chef is showing the guidance, it is not too late to live healthily. The choice and the decision are yours. He provides much  more information about that you should add to the meals preparation. It’s will help to wipe-out your diseases and It’s could even heal your illnesses. If you consume these ingredients to your daily meals even you are a vegan person, there are natural plant-based foods available to take your Portions, Minerals, Spices, and Herbs add to the meals.

Our master chef reveals his selection of international recipes to try out at your home, Doesn’t matter If you are a Vegan Person or Non-Vegan Person, in the book include various international recipes with natural spices and herbs adding to your dish to enrich the flavour and health value. You can obtain knowledge and try out to gain the benefits, more information’s on this book guide to the path of healthy living. Received your copy now! Send us your email request to reserve a copy. Price: $75.00

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