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Come and Experience the Difference.

A healthy life should include healthy eating. We  at “ANDREW’S PROJECT”

offer a wide variety of healthy nutritious food for sufficient intake of all nutrients.


Our Globally Experienced and Qualified Graduate Master Chef “VASANTHA PERERA”  now offers you a healthy menu with a fine selection of ORGANIC- Fruits And Vegetables, GLUTEN-FREE  – Bread and Pasta,  WILD CAUGHT Meat And Fish Dishes, VEGAN dishes include – Appetizers, Soups, Entrees, Smoothies, Juices, Cakes, and Pastries.


Remember, A healthy diet can help you maintain a healthy body weight and avoid various diseases.

Now the choice is Yours.




The story of “Andrew’s Project” begins in 2009 with our founder, Mr. Vasantha Perera.

Andrew’s Promise

We believe that food is meant to nourish the mind, body, and soul. | All food served at Andrew’s Project is made using Organic ingredients. | All soups are made without the use of MSG, Dairy, Eggs, Gluten or Refined Sugar | All Wraps are made using Gluten-free ingredients; Gluten-free bread is also available upon request | All Seafood And Meat is Wild-caught and brought fresh to your plate | All Desserts are Gluten-free & made without the use of Refined Sugars.



Now We Offer – Gluten Free, Vegan -Or- Non- Vegan Pizza. Try our pizza it’s Healthy and Delicious!

We Choose, Fine Selection of Fresh Organic Vegetables and Herbs to Prepare Our Meals.


  • "Okay, I didn't want to just jump at the first sign of deliciousness with my first order from Andrew's Project, but the first time was pretty good. Then another time, he surprised me with tomato soup better than my mother's secret recipe…Bravo! I am impressed, and that is no easy task."

    Papoose Doorbelle
  • "Absolutely amazing, as a person who cooks super healthy and mostly vegan Its amazing coming to a place that truly uses the best ingredients. Everything I have tried here is Fantastic! Thanks for feeding people what their bodies need!"

    Audrey Jacobson
  • "Healthiest place to eat in Bayonne. When was the last time you ordered soup and watched the chef - not a cook, a chef - actually make it instead of ladling it from a pot that had been sitting for hours? Amazingly, that's what you'll experience if you go to Andrew’s!

  • "ONE OF THE BEST EVER!!!!. I was so surprised to find such a gem in Bayonne. I often eat in downtown jersey city or nyc and I have to say the food here is as good or better than any of the other places I've been and i say better because it has that "home cooked" factor. "



We have gift cards available for any amount- Please contact for more details: 201 339 0033